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ditorial office kinder-grund-sicherung.de: editorial statute and self-image

kinder-grund-sicherung.de is a magazine on the subject of basic income, social benefits, pensions, labour, children and money. The editorial team consists of lawyers, social workers, social law experts and journalists.

The association „Für soziales Leben e.V.“ is responsible for the magazine and news portal buerger-geld.org. It was founded in Lüdinghausen in 2005. The purpose of the association is to provide information, advice and support for people affected or at risk of poverty and/or unemployment, as well as socially disadvantaged people, in particular via the medium of the Internet.

People who are dependent on state benefits, such as citizen money, social assistance, basic security in old age, basic child security, housing benefit, pension are independently and objectively supported by buerger-geld.org with well-researched and legally processed information and articles on the subject.

Editorial team

The editorial staff of kinder-grund-sicherung.de includes:

How is the magazine kinder-grund-sicherung.de financed?

The magazine Kinder-grund-sicherung.de is financed by income from “Google Adsense”.

The supporting association is a recognized non-profit association.

We are an NGO, a non-governmental organization, independent of government agencies and politics.

Responsive work – Our mission statement

The editorial team of the online magazine buerger-geld.org works according to editorial guidelines, i.e. according to editorial statutes. Our news articles must then be created with the utmost care. We are aware of our responsibility to our readers. We work according to the journalistic principles of diligence, independence and responsibility.

Our editorial team consists of lawyers, social workers, social law experts and editors. All have a focus on social law and social benefits.

Content research of articles

We work independently and without prejudice. All articles we publish are created according to this principle. We consider facts, opinions, scientific hypotheses, case law and laws. We differentiate between opinions and facts. When we express an opinion, we make it clear. We comment. Commenting means expressing an opinion. We make this very clear.

Content is verifiable

The contents of our articles must be verifiable if they are facts. Facts are backed up with sources, as are opinions.

Our editors ask. We reflect – with different views – the entire spectrum of opinions. Freedom of expression is a constitutionally protected good. We respect this and act according to this principle.

Article title

The respective author of the article should already create a precise introduction to the topic with the title. Already in the headline, a differentiation must be made between facts and opinions or assumptions or hypotheses. The headline of the article must already make it clear whether it is a fact, an opinion, a guess or a hypothesis. According to the generally accepted rules of journalism, hypotheses should always be accompanied by a question mark.

Date of publication of the article

We value topicality. For this reason, we provide each article with a release date. If the article is changed afterwards, i.e. additional information is added, the publication date will also be changed and the article will be marked “Update”.

Examination of the articles

All articles written by an editor are proofread by another member of the editorial team. Before publication, the editorial board is informed, who coordinates the control (formally and in terms of content). Image and title of the article are included. The article should be written in language that laypeople can understand. There is also a check of the source.

Mistakes happen – how do we deal with them?

Despite the greatest care, mistakes cannot be avoided. If we become aware of an error, it will be corrected immediately. The editorial board coordinates the error correction. Minor errors are corrected immediately. If we receive information from our readership, the editorial board will contact the author immediately and a review procedure will be initiated. It is checked whether the information in the article is correct, whether the sources are correct, whether correct conclusions have been drawn.

If there is a serious error in the article, the author draws a wrong conclusion, where is this corrected? As this is a major change to the Artikels, the date of the article will also be changed and the change will be noted in the article with the note “last changed on…”.

A completely new article on the topic, on the other hand, is created if the article has proven to be a false report. The error is pointed out in the new article and the new article corrects the previous article with incorrect content.

Item picture

We provide each article with a picture or photo. The photo must correspond to the article, i.e. be appropriate. The image should reflect the content of the article as well as possible. It should not give a “lurid” impression, but be inviting. We usually provide it with a caption that should give an introductory impression.

Obligation to be neutral in reporting – anti-discrimination obligation

Our authors are called upon to report neutrally. Of course, they can then express their opinion on the topic. Buerger-geld.org will not discriminate against anyone in their posts. We are convinced of the equality of all people. Respecting the free and democratic basic order is an important principle. Human dignity is inviolable!

Contact the editors

Would you like to get in touch with the editors of buerger-geld.org? The easiest way is by email: redaktion@kinder-grund-sicherung.de

Status of the editorial statute: 2024

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